The Ministry of Justice and Security launched the Forensic Care Programme with the aim of sustainably strengthening the system and increasing support in society. The Ministry needed an interim manager who would, together with the programme director, design a project from the programme.

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Within the Ministry of Justice and Security, Boer & Croon's project manager was responsible for setting up a PMO organisation for the Forensic Care Programme. The project manager also set up a new organisation around incidents in the implementation chain and optimised processes in the forensic care department.


Boer & Croon provided the project manager responsible for structuring and organising the forensic care programme:

  • Drawing up the programme plan containing the programme goals, the themes, the staffing of the projects and the most important milestones;
  • Setting up a PMO organisation including the most important consultation structures, drawing up a schedule for the individual underlying projects and setting up a dashboard for monitoring and reporting;
  • Monitoring and reporting the progress of the programme.

The project manager was thus responsible for leading the project in which a DG-wide incident management organisation was set up:

  • Getting the questions and needs of the civil servants right;
  • Forming a working group with a delegation of colleagues from all directorates, with the necessary seniority and experience in managing incidents;
  • Collecting needs and frustrations from all departments of DGSenB and analysing them;
  • Draw up a proposal and present it to the DGSenB management for parts of an incident management organisation for incidents in the forensic care chain. This proposal has been amended several times and passed by the management board;
  • Implement incident management organisation including the necessary communication and recruit and train colleagues who work with this.

The Results

The efforts of the project manager have led to the following results:
1. Structure and organisation of the forensic care programme clear to all stakeholders
2. A decisive PMO organisation
3. A scalable incident management organisation

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