Boer & Croon was asked by a large
pharmaceutical company to assist them in optimising one of the key processes
within the Dutch branch.


Finance & Technology

Case Farmaceut


There was a need for a new process with the right
controls in place for monthly sales, invoiced revenues and any corrections. The
overriding aim was to reduce manual work and to detect any problems at an early

Confidence in the process had to be restored.


The financial handling of one of the customer's
most important processes was not running efficiently. A lot of manual
(error-sensitive and time-consuming) work was carried out twice. In addition,
the various systems did not align with each other properly, which meant that
large sums of money were incorrectly administered and some amounts could not be
accounted for. Therefore, with an impending audit - and of course also for the
organisation itself - it was important to get back in control and resolve all
its vulnerabilities. Confidence in the process had to be regained and the
results had to be reliable once again.

The client managed to get through the audit full of confidence.


In close cooperation with the customer, a manager and YE from Boer & Croon came up with a new process in which not only the defined goals were accomplished, but confidence in the process was also restored. The client managed to get through the audit full of confidence.

We look back on the assignment with immense satisfaction. Not only did we exceed expectations and gain a lot of valuable new insights during the process, but we also built up a solid relationship with the client and showed that 'Get it Done' is not just an empty slogan. Shortly after the completion of this project, B&C was approached by the client for a new project.

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