A healthcare institution in the Amsterdam region needs to cut costs and sees possibilities for a more effective way of working.
Boer & Croon was asked to explore the possibilities and come up with a
solution that will appeal to all parties involved.

Healthcare institution
People Excellence

PEX Case


Raising the level of effectiveness of various teams with an approach supported by the teams themselves.

"I see my role as a unifying driving force: facilitating and guiding the teams, whereby input from the teams is indispensable."

Tycho ten Brink, Young Executive


In this situation, Boer & Croon opted for the classic focus-design-develop approach: where are we now, what should the future look like and how do we get there? In the first phase, the Young Executive explicitly checked whether the assumptions of the management were in line with the data and what was happening on the work floor.

Moreover, teamwork with the relevant teams was essential; after all, it was essentially about the work that they carry out. The Young Executive sought to connect with them by conducting individual interviews with all team members, giving everyone the room to contribute their input (both positive and negative). The outcomes of these interviews, together with the findings of an extensive data and dossier review, were used to draft the roadmap to the desired situation in a joint workshop based on the 'Six Thinking Hats' methodology.

The results were bundled in an OGSM model, in which an owner was assigned to each improvement direction. Project plans were drawn up together with these owners so as to work towards the results with the teams.

Ownership lies with the teams themselves.


The desired solution is successfully realised with a broad base of support. Each team has a project plan (including team leaders, project A3s and risk analyses) to start work on. In addition, the quick wins alone have yielded significant cost savings of between €100,000 - €150,000 per year.