All schools in the Netherlands receive money from the National Program for Education. This money is used to tackle the negative effects of the pandemic within education. Boer&Croon helped Curio, a MBO-school in West-Brabant, to draw up an approach and is subsequently coordinating this approach within the organization.

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The Assignment

Coordinating the program, internal and external accountability and steering the plans made.

Boer & Croon's approach

Knowledge about what students need, what is possible in terms of timetables, among other things, and what is effective in tackling the negative consequences of Corona is most readily available on the shop floor: among teachers. That is why Curio has opted for a bottom-up approach in determining how best to use the NPO funds. Educational units themselves have made a scan of, for instance, cognitive and social-emotional deficiencies among students and pupils. Teams have made their own plans in this regard. After a light check for effectiveness, fit with the broader vision and strategy of the organisation and affordability, these plans were combined into one NPO plan for the organisation. This was approved by the employee participation body in the summer of 2021. The coordinator supervised this process. He now monitors progress and reports on it internally and externally. The coordinator also facilitates guidance, knowledge sharing and communication about the NPO.

The Result

The efforts of Boer&Croon's coordinator led to the following results:
1. Smooth realisation of and approval by the employee participation bodies for the NPO plan;
2. Proper internal and external accountability for progress in NPO interventions;
3. Internal coordination, fine-tuning and adjustment.

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