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You are the young talent that solves organizational issues, connects people and makes a real impact.

As a starter at Boer & Croon, you make change possible.

"Making an immediate impact and room to develop yourself."

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Are you motivated to improve organisations sustainably, and do you want to learn new things daily? Then you will feel at home with us. We like involved and driven people. We always try to be that way ourselves. We believe that you learn the most when you gain direct practical experience and, at the same time, keep learning. You can join us as an entry-level Finance & Technology Consultant or Young Executive.

Consultant Finance & Technology

During the first years of your career, you will work independently within various organisations and on multiple projects, giving you ultimate responsibility or in a small team where you can learn from experienced managers. This allows you to take responsibility, make an impact and develop yourself. Depending on the assignment, the relationship between advising, managing and implementing will vary. You will, therefore, be at the centre of change and shape future companies.

Your development is central to us; therefore, in addition to your assignments, we offer you an extensive training curriculum focused on Finance and technology consulting skills. Training courses ensure you are given what you need to develop and perform at the client and are ready for the future.

Young Executive
At Boer & Croon, you can dive straight into the deep end. We immediately entrust you with challenging assignments that give you high independence. You make the difference. Together with your client, you create solutions and ways to realise them. Whatever you come up with, you will also implement and execute yourself.

Each assignment is related to one of our Solutions and falls into one of these four areas:

In your final phase as a Young Executive, we work together towards your next career step. For example, in our network or as a Manager at Boer & Croon.


Your resume is essential. However, your character is more important. We are particularly interested in your motives, experiences and personal development. Of course, your knowledge and references are also crucial, but with us, personality is the deciding factor. What our starters share in common is an authentic & strong personality.


Have you become enthusiastic about working as a Starter at Boer & Croon? Good to hear! Below, you will find all the information about the steps of our application process.

We try to complete the application process in about 4-5 weeks. The start date is usually on the 1st of the month. Any further questions about the application process? Then please get in touch with our recruitment department:

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  • Step 1: Upload your CV & motivation letter
  • Step 2: Coffee date
  • Step 3: First Interview
  • Step 4: E-assessment
  • Step 5: Second Interview
  • Step 6: Last assessment round

Apply via this link. Upload your CV.

Frequently asked questions

Why do we at Boer & Croon focus mainly on young professionals with 1 - 2 years of work experience?

In all our projects, you are immediately given a high degree of autonomy and responsibility. This requires some solidity and experience in project management.

Can I consider the young executive programme as a traineeship?

Our Young Executive programme is not a traineeship. The programme consists of a unique and high-quality management development programme in which you will acquire skills such as leadership development, social skills and also in the area of hard skills. In addition, you will carry out high-level projects in which you also have a high degree of autonomy and responsibility. After going through the application process, we have immediate confidence in your qualities and we dare to throw you in at the deep end. Of course, there is always a huge safety net within Boer & Croon to fall back on (Counselor, Talent Manager, buddy, Tutor, Coach of Krauthammer, all other YEs and colleagues). In short: our programme is a development path.

What makes Boer & Croon different from other management consultancy firms?

After writing an advisory report, your work doesn't stop; you are also the one who will implement it. This way, you know for sure that your work doesn't end up in a closet and you have influence on the actual result.

Where in the country are your assignments located?

Primarily in the Randstad area, but our assignments are spread throughout the country. When this means travelling further, Boer & Croon facilitates suitable transportation for every employee and, if necessary and possible, an overnight stay.

Do you have any job application tips?

- Prepare yourself well and read more about the various Solutions within Boer & Croon; - We do not only look at knowledge, but also at who you are as a person; - Take your time for the self-analysis, reflection is very important at Boer & Croon; - Ask questions, be interested; - And of course the basics: be on time, dress well and be yourself.