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Want to work as a manager at Boer & Croon?

Ready for a second or third step in your career? We offer entrepreneurial talent a challenging managerial role where you will immediately realise solutions to various management issues. You will lead project and process management projects or act as interim manager. You have an open, fresh outlook and are focused on progress and personal growth.

Management position

The manager position is twofold: on the one hand, you work on the content of a project and the other hand, you help build the solutions proposition in the market. As a manager, you advise, implement, and realise customers while working internally at Boer & Croon.

Our managers play a pivotal role in realising the strategies of our client's organisations. This involves developing realisation plans, strategic roadmaps, and portfolio management. Once a decision is made, our managers design the programme management organisation (PMO) to effectively implement and manage the change. We do this from within the client's organisation, ensuring a deep understanding of their needs and goals. Together, we deliver tangible and sustainable results in complex environments, always thinking critically and acting entrepreneurially.

In supply chain operations, our managers bring a wealth of experience in engineering and management to Dutch organisations. Through our recruitment and contract management expertise, we strengthen our clients' strategic positions and contribute to developing sustainable jobs within the sector.

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The position of manager is varied and challenging. You carry out client assignments independently, sometimes as part of a team, often taking on the coordinator role. You will have a safety net within Boer & Croon and will develop in terms of content and sales through close cooperation with colleagues and an experienced group of associate partners of Boer & Croon. This collaboration is focused on innovation and management. A lot of freedom and responsibility combined with a challenging environment and appropriate support ensures your leadership qualities get considerably boosted. With a strong focus on innovation, you will work from Amsterdam or on location at the client, depending on the project.


Our managers are all capable and enterprising. They are deployed to realise solutions to a wide variety of management issues. Our managers are themselves responsible for the growth of the solutions. These are specific sub-areas where our people develop specialist knowledge and put it into practice in assignments. In this way, they bring about change independently and create lasting impact. The solutions represent expert knowledge and experience solving complex problems within the relevant theme. Together with their team, each manager focuses on further developing the solutions while continuing to grow individually.

You can work as a manager within the following Solutions:

  • Finance & Technology
  • Healthcare Solutions
  • Operations
  • Public Solutions
  • Strategy & Transformation
  • People Excellence
  • Turn-around & Restructuring

Frequently asked questions

What jobs are there in the management sector?

In the management sector, you can work within different Solutions, such as Finance & Technology, Healthcare, Supply Chain & Operations, Public, Strategy & Transformation, and People Excellence. Managers work substantively on projects and develop solutions propositions in the market.

Where can you work in the management sector?

You can work at Boer & Croon clients, where managers realise organisations' strategies through realisation plans, strategic roadmaps, and portfolio management. Managers also design the programme management organisation (PMO) to implement and drive change.

In which employment can you work in the management sector?

Employment in the management sector offers a lot of freedom and responsibility. You will carry out assignments, sometimes independently and as part of a team. You will develop substantively and commercially and receive support to strengthen your leadership skills.


Because you never stop learning, we offer very diverse training opportunities in whatever role you occupy. You decide what you want to deepen in, such as business acumen, leadership, professional agility, authenticity, coaching, or lean principles. What do you need?

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