'Ensuring tangible results is what energizes me' - Wies ten Vergert

Wies ten Vergert joined Boer & Croon in 2019 after graduating as a Young Executive. She has since become Manager at the Operations Solution. She talks about this special period. ´At Boer & Croon you can go in all directions and you are challenged to continuously develop yourself.´

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'In the last year of my studies I came into contact with Boer & Croon during a training they gave. The company really appealed to me even then, so when they organized a two-day business course I immediately signed up for it. After my master's I applied and ended up in the Management Development program as a Young Executive. At the same time, I did many assignments in different sectors. Among others in healthcare, at Eindhoven airport and in retail at Via Outlets (Batavia Stad). In all possible roles: project management, process improvement, but also as a manager. That way you quickly find out what you are good at and what you like.'

'The Management Development program fits very well with the assignments you do. It consists of twelve training sessions that focus on situations you encounter in your work. You learn soft skills as well as hard skills. Who am I, what can I do and how can I motivate and convince people? You do this in a fixed group, a nice and safe environment in which you can make yourself vulnerable. This is a very powerful element of the program. Your hard skills are honed with scrum training and other project management skills'

'As time went by, I found out that the Operations Solution suits me best. Making a process concrete, that is very tangible and that attracts me. I joined that in my final year as a Young Executive and then progressed there to Manager. This past year we did an intensive Black Belt training there with the team, a ten-day course spread over three months. It's based on the Lean Six Sigma method. Lean is about eliminating waste in a process. Six Sigma is a method for structuring large long-term projects and eliminating variations in a production process. Very practical training that we use one-on-one in our work. I am currently a Black Belt project manager at Asito. They clean airplanes and terminals at Schiphol Airport, among other things. I use the Black Belt method to implement process improvements.'

'At the Operations Solution we have a fun and driven group of people. We are developing interesting propositions and you get the space to put your own stamp on it. If you have a good idea, and you know how to pitch it well, you get the opportunity to implement it. We are really creating something, not only for our customers, but also within our own solution.'