Search for the next prime minister's dream job as a headhunter

An Executive Search agency is rarely approached with a request to find a prime minister. Yet, with the current formation, this would not be a crazy idea as it requires specific knowledge and experience to find a suitable candidate. Political affiliation aside, a prime minister who has what it takes to sit out the whole ride should meet the following profile:

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First and foremost, the ideal candidate must be vain. Why else would anyone aspire to this job? The downside risk is high, and the chances of ever getting a nice international post after this are nil.

Man without qualities (m/f)

The prime minister of this cabinet must have no vision. They must be a good listener to others and put forward a story that everyone can agree with. At the same time, it must be steadfast. The prime minister must not be a sponge that sucks up the vision of one of the group leaders. Otherwise, you get the situation that Omtzigt will squeeze in a lot to replace Wilders' bathwater with his ideas.


The next prime minister must have powers of persuasion and be able to gather varying political majorities, including within opposition parties. That way, he or she can at least appear to have a coherent policy.

Experience in front of the class

Keeping things together over the next three and a half years will be quite a task. Not only are the political opinions within the coalition miles apart, but personal relationships are also far from ideal. The perfect candidate would, therefore, have experience as a social studies teacher at a secondary school, preferably in a deprived neighbourhood.

Looking at the above, should we call Mark Rutte again?