Willemijn Broerse Partner Boer & Croon

Willemijn Broerse is back in her college town Groningen. As a new Partner, Willemijn represents Boer & Croon in the North of the country from this city.

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Willemijn studied business administration at the University of Groningen. In her career the development of people and organizations is central. Her working method is characterized by asking good questions and a personal approach based on genuine interest. Willemijn has a good antenna to assess whether someone really fits into (the culture of) an organization and vice versa. I am always interested in where people come from and what they stand for. What drives them? Self-awareness is an important aspect for managers. It is the basis for successfully leading an organization.

Willemijn began her career in 1999 at Ebbinge, where she became manager of one of the business units. In 2008, she moved to Schiphol Group to gain broader management experience. Here she revealed herself as a true generalist. Successively she was (co-)responsible for labor market communication, talent programs, security policy and Schiphol's own fire department organization. In 2016 she returned to Ebbinge, where in recent years, as a director, she has been engaged in advising and executive search for boards of directors and supervisory boards of enterprising family businesses.

Willemijn is socially involved and was for many years on the founding board of a school in Sri Lanka and of two Amsterdam elementary school. Besides her work she enjoys the city of Groningen and the beautiful nature of the north. Together with her husband Berend, Willemijn has two sons.