Seerp Leistra is leaving Boer & Croon

After an impressive career, Seerp Leistra (1956) has decided to step down as a partner at Boer & Croon effective 1 March 2022.

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Seerp is regarded as the person who represented Boer & Croon in the North Netherlands. As a result of his many years of service, including 20 years in management positions at the municipality of Groningen, 20 years as a partner at Boer & Croon, and many other civic side activities in the region, he has become a well-known and appreciated presence there.

His duties as Director North Netherlands will be taken over by Willemijn Broerse as per 1 February. Seerp will take ample time to introduce her to his many associates in North Netherlands. He plans to remain involved with Boer & Croon as an advisor/ambassador until the summer of 2022. After this, he will concentrate more and more on his many other interests. Seerp: "I can look back on a fantastic period at Boer & Croon. It was above all a wonderful experience to have been able to help build and develop the new Boer & Croon over the past seven years. I am particularly pleased with the arrival of Willemijn Broerse at Boer & Croon and hope that she can count on the same level of trust as I have always enjoyed."

Within Boer & Croon, Seerp was the man who served the public sector nationwide. His colleague Mark Hecker will be the new point of contact for the government and the education sector. Apart from being a partner, Seerp also used to be a shareholder of the company. He transferred his shares a while ago to Jaap Heeringa, who has been a partner at Boer & Croon since 2016. He shares the ownership with Eelco Koehoorn and Jos Zandhuis.
Chair of the board Eelco Koehoorn: "Seerp has contributed immensely to the continuity and growth of the company. Thanks to his committed character, his knowledge and impressive network, he is a skilled and respected advisor for clients. As a coach of our talents at Boer & Croon, he is leaving behind a significant stamp on the quality of our services."

Willemijn Broerse will be introduced by us in more depth at the start of next year.