Collaboration of Boer & Croon with NewDawn

After Boer & Croon recently joined the AB&C group to explore synergies with the other companies within the group. This soon led to collaborations such as with sister company NewDawn. Marcel Funke, partner of NewDawn, talks about a concrete case at health insurer VGZ.
'Our robot technology is a good addition to the Finance & Technology Solution.'

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´NewDawn uses Robotics Process Automation (RPA). We build software-based robots for our customers. These take over the boring manual repetitive volume work. The people who used to do it get more fun, challenging and better-paid work in return. An example is accountancy, where the Prevention of Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing Act saddles accountants with a tedious repetitive crap job.

We have built several robots for that to take that out of their hands. The same goes for payroll. Even hospitals, where the administrative pressure is very high, benefit greatly from our robots. They automate much of the administration of doctors and nurses, giving them more time for their patients.

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Efficiency in health care

'Health insurer VGZ is a new client with whom we have been in discussion for some time. They see that the deployment of robots with their healthcare clients leads to an increase in productivity and a reduction in costs. Within their own organization, they have also started deploying 40 robots. Because we have a lot of knowledge and experience with this, we are the obvious party to support them in this and to solve problems they encounter. We didn't have anyone available at first, but because Boer & Croon had just joined the AB&C group I called Johan Traa, partner F&T, whose Finance & Technology solution complements our services. I asked him if he had someone with a good brain for us who could analyze the business processes at VGZ. That was what he had: Young Executive Max Wesseling.'

Digital Transformation

'The talents at Boer & Croon's Young Executives are an exceptional combination with the Get-it-Done mentality. I therefore expect a lot from our cooperation in the future. We are also discussing operating models with a number of clients. We can very well use Boer & Croon's strategy specialists for that. Conversely, we can be a strategic solution in their management proposition. In almost every digital transformation, we can make an important contribution.'