Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP) is the link between strategy and execution


Get the best out of your organisation

If an organisation performs below par, this may manifest itself in different areas, such as laborious stock management, low service levels, high production costs or dissatisfied employees. S&OP can provide a solution at such a time to align the organisation and get back on track with the business objectives.

Focus on priorities

S&OP is an integrated business management process. It ensures focus, alignment, and synchronisation between departments, balancing the company's supply and demand. S&OP is, therefore, something of the entire organisation. It aims to achieve better cooperation between production, purchasing, logistics, sales, marketing and finance departments. It focuses on the right priorities, in line with the strategy. Moreover, planning and execution should be closely monitored. As a result, you get a better grip on your internal processes and can achieve the organisational objectives. This leads not only to improved financial results but also to a higher service level and satisfied employees.

Boer & Croon heeft haar eigen methode ontwikkeld om S&OP te implementeren in de organisatie.

Our working method

Boer & Croon has developed a method to implement S&OP in the organisation. We not only attach great value to the technical elements, such as data, KPIs and systems, but also see the importance of behaviour, culture and decision-making in the organisation. Commitment of the executive team is essential, as is the involvement of all relevant departments and a clear definition of roles and responsibilities. Together, we create a roadmap to get started with the organisation. Low-hanging fruit is picked up first, after which more significant improvement steps are initiated. After the fundamental S&OP elements have been implemented, we ensure long-term integration and a process of continuous improvement.


Contact Dennis van Hattem (Partner Operations) or Inelise Fröberg (Manager Operations) for a no-obligation meeting to discuss the possibilities.