No one benefits if workers change jobs every year

'For one in five employees to take another job within a year is obviously not a healthy situation.' - Edith Koetsier, partner YESS Boer & Croon

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'Last year, one and a half million people made a move to another employer. For one in five employees to take another job within a year is obviously not a healthy situation. Not for the employers, but there is also the question of what employees gain from this. You can't tell me that this benefits their career, no matter how dynamic it sounds and how much they gain in salary. Such short employment does not exactly give a boost to your professional and personal development

At the turn of the century there was also scarcity in the labor market, mainly in the IT sector. Now we see it affecting all sectors and almost all disciplines at every level of the labor market. The huge influx of people from abroad, increasing labor force participation among women, longer average work weeks: it has all turned out to be a drop in the bucket.

Employers can take steps to better engage their employees. As an employer, you need to make sure you are attractive. And that doesn't just mean offering a good salary, because most employers do that by now. Make the effort to learn more about your employee. Organizations are often not transparent about what they expect from their people. By providing clarity about this and also how the employee can develop, you offer them a perspective that goes far beyond just the amount of salary.

Tips for employees: don't let social media or friends fool you, who may think your career will be stranded if you don't take the first new job opportunity. Take time to think about what makes you happy. Dialogue with your employer if you want more varied work. And if you do want to take that step to another job, orient yourself well, talk to people from that organization and read references. In my practice I have seen so many times that people make a move out of 'fear of missing out' and after six weeks think: how could I have been so stupid?'

Cause: one in five employees changed jobs last year