Navigating the intersection of law and healthcare management

Wynand Crommelin started as an associate partner in Healthcare Solutions with a unique blend of legal understanding and healthcare business management expertise. His career has been marked by a deliberate transition from a legal practice to a prominent role in managing and transforming healthcare organisations.

Wynand Crommelin

After completing his law studies, Wynand joined a large law firm as a candidate notary in corporate law. Despite his legal background, he discovered that his real passion lay in professionally managing organisations and helped the partnership board with all kinds of business management issues. At the same time, he decided to broaden his horizons with an MBA at Nyenrode.

Healthcare sector as a logistics business

His inner drive to contribute something to society and the need for more business-oriented thinking led him to the healthcare sector. He saw similarities between lawyers and doctors: both driven by a passion for their profession and quite stubborn. Wynand saw the healthcare sector as a mega logistics business and understood that business-oriented thinking was necessary here.

His adventure started at Máxima Medical Centre in Eindhoven, and then he moved to OLVG, where he took on the role of business manager. He then became director of Multizorg VRZ (healthcare procurement of smaller healthcare insurers), which gave him insight into how insurers finance healthcare institutions. As transition manager, he took this experience to his next challenge at the Princess Máxima Centre for Paediatric Oncology. An excellent initiative and example of concentration of care resulted in constructing a completely new hospital.

His move to director of Youth Care at Pluryn showed his involvement in the complex landscape of decentralised youth care, where business management plays a significant role. This marked a period when he identified himself within the triptych of care-business-change.

He then started working as an interim, recently completing his assignment at Hospital Gelderse Vallei. Here, the focus was on the transition process of all outpatient departments, with capacity management and cooperation with professionals as focal points.

Transitiemanager Máxima Medisch Centrum

Looking back on his career, Wynand is most proud of his role as Transition Manager at the Princess Máxima Centre.
The board came to him with problems around the pharmacy, doubts about its construction and the expensive option of in-house preparation. Wynand was shocked by the large amount of drugs needed to treat children with cancer, which led to a huge operational challenge, both in terms of staff and money. The solution? Innovative preparation robots for infusion medication. Within a year, they built a pharmacy with 80 ft and two robots. Proud of the result, the Princess Máxima Centre transformed into the first European hospital to deploy these innovative robots. It is nice to see that one of those robots is still called 'the Wynand'.

What does Wynand bring to Boer & Croon?
As an Associate Partner at Boer & Croon, Wynand wants to showcase his business approach to healthcare. He focuses on a demand-driven process rather than traditional budget management, as he believes institutions must look at what is needed for good and effective patient care. His contribution focuses on the essential link between numbers and organisation, emphasising a demand-oriented approach. Wynand advocates an approach that focuses on the goal and aligns the organisation accordingly. His vision includes value-driven care, focusing on what it brings to the patient regarding health gains.

Why Boer & Croon?

Wynand's choice of Boer & Croon as his professional home concerns the opportunity to work as part of a team again. He is looking forward to his role in implementation consulting at a reputable firm. At Boer & Croon, he particularly appreciates the seamless transition from problem identification to actual implementation. 'Change' is not just about the 'blue' numerical analysis but precisely about people having to work differently. The exciting aspect is bringing the numbers to life and making informed choices that are understandable to the organisation. Clarifying which buttons to push is essential to get others on board.

And in his spare time?

Outside his professional life, Wynand values conviviality with friends and family. His love of golf and boating in Friesland provides him with relaxation and a welcome balance in his busy schedule.