Engine of the Dutch economy: It's a Family Affair

With a fresh pair of eyes, Boer & Croon can support family businesses in innovation and growth. We help them think through and solve business challenges and organisational issues.

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It is not an exaggeration to say that family businesses are the engine of the Dutch economy. They guarantee a significant share of GNP and provide a solid basis for the creation of jobs. This becomes all the more apparent during and after an economic downturn. Family businesses, given that they focus their business strategy much more on the long term, are less inclined to make abrupt cutbacks and large-scale redundancies. As such, they form a stable factor for our economy.

This does not mean that family businesses do not stand to benefit from large-scale transformations when the market demands it. However, the nature of these businesses necessitates a slightly different approach. Boer & Croon is highly experienced and adept at this: for decades, family businesses have relied on the knowledge and experience of Boer & Croon to help them realise their ambitions. Family businesses balance between the interests of the next generation and the ambition to keep on growing. Due to their focus on the long term, they make different choices than other companies. We understand the dynamics between the family and the business and are aware of the specific issues that require a long-term solution.

The strength of family businesses lies in long-term thinking, in value creation across generations. The Achilles' heel is the failure to settle differences of opinion on the course to be followed and to prepare the succession within the management staff in good time.

The strength of family businesses is long-term thinking.


A successful family business seeks a balance between long-term thinking and modern operational management. Other types of competition, technological and ecological changes and other external factors continually create new challenges. To support the process of ongoing innovation and growth, family businesses are well advised to invite external professionals with expert knowledge to uncover threats and areas for improvement with a fresh pair of eyes. External know-how and experience can in this way strengthen internal expertise and help accomplish ambitions for innovation and sustainable growth. Boer & Croon helps to think about and shape growth and innovation, with a clear focus on implementation.


The relationship between employer and employee is what makes family businesses so special and unique. Culture, norms and values are key factors for success. This is also reflected in the personnel policy: dedicated employees are one of the driving forces behind a successful family business. Boer & Croon helps family businesses to formalise their human resources policy with the aim of attracting talented staff who can shape the future of the business. With the growth of the family business, it is also time to professionalise the HR policy so that the management is able to focus on the growth ambitions of the company. Boer & Croon makes the difference with 30 years of HR experience. We help with mobilising employees in the event of a change of direction and defining a strategy to bring in the right people.


Because of the long-term horizon of family businesses, succession is an important theme. Boer & Croon advises the management and coaches the new generation on an ongoing basis. We offer support during all phases of the handover. The departure of a director, who has built up a bond with employees, customers, and suppliers over many years, can lead to a generation gap.

Sometimes a family business also needs an external fresh pair of eyes, someone with new knowledge and experience. Attracting external board members is always an exciting time. Boer & Croon is able to guide family businesses in successfully incorporating external professionals into their business operations. With our extensive network of interim managers, Boer & Croon can also provide temporary support in the realisation of projects or the completion of transformations.

At Boer & Croon, we believe in sustained family involvement in the family firm. In order to prepare the new generation, coaching and gaining business experience outside the family business are of great value. We can also play a role in this.

Boer & Croon has been successful since 1973 in shoring up staff and ensuring progress through deploying both proven leaders and young talent. We get it done.

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