'SMEs need to take digital and physical data security more seriously.'

Almost every SME company generates, stores, and processes data in unprecedented quantities. It is time to ask what we should do with all this data, and does it make sense to collect all this customer data?

Cybersecurity MKB

Data collection should never be an end in itself. It should be closely linked to the business strategy and business model. As more data is stored, its relevance diminishes, making it increasingly challenging to structure and deploy effectively. It is, therefore, essential to look at this critically, especially regarding the risk of data theft.

Data security

The importance of data security is becoming increasingly urgent at a time when data theft is a growing problem. This requires more effort than buying a cybersecurity package and assuming everything is solved. For this, companies must conduct a thorough impact analysis to understand the risks and determine what investments are needed to protect themselves adequately. This requires a holistic approach, where physical security should be noticed. Plenty of companies invest heavily in cybersecurity, but it is a breeze to walk into the server room.

Determining proper form of cybersecurity

Get your security in order and formulate a remediation strategy. Get hacking (pen-testing) to find out where the vulnerabilities are. Before starting this, have an impact/risk analysis carried out. This will give you a good idea of the business continuity risks. For this, enlist the help of a management consultancy firm with the right expertise. On this basis, you can determine what form of cybersecurity is necessary, especially what budget is needed to mitigate the prioritised risks. This way, you spend money in a targeted way and do not shoot with hail.