Martijn Wissels joins Boer & Croon as associate partner

'During a crisis, it is always important to remain calm and not get caught up in the stress and panic you find in an organisation. You often have to convince people of relatively simple solutions that they had thought of themselves. Then, they find it difficult to find their way to these solutions. You can then play a decisive role in that.'
Martijn Wissels, associate partner Finance & Technology

Martijn Wissels

Martijn Wissels has joined Boer & Croon's Finance & Technology solution as an associate partner. Over the past forty years, Martijn has gained experience with several major players in the financial sector. With this wealth of experience, he can provide a valuable addition to Boer & Croon's Finance & Technology Solution.

Martijn: 'I worked abroad for a long time and soon ended up in the financial sector. Among other things, I was CFO at a subsidiary of MeesPierson. I then came into contact with risk management. With that expertise, I served on the Executive Board at Achmea Bank, SNS Reaal and Volksbank. I was also involved in the integration of Fortis with ABN-AMRO. These organisations had complex issues in common. Among other things, Fortis was involved in a complex acquisition where things went wrong, Achmea was a bank in trouble, and SNS Reaal was involved ina relaunch. When there is a crisis, everyone in the organisation wants to contribute to the solution. I get energy from tackling things with those motivated people and getting things back on track.'

'That doesn't happen automatically. I asked many questions in the initial phaseto understand what was happening. Then, I look for people who can help me solve the problems. At each stage, keeping calm is important so people don't panic. Your employees need to feel that you trust them. Show that they are allowed to make mistakes; that way, you avoid fear and uncertainty. Employees are thus better able to do their jobs and contribute to solutions.'

'I used to be mainly focused on content, but now I get more energy from managing and sharing my experiences within a team. Of course, it gives great satisfaction when you see that the desired result is achieved through your advice. Over time, I became proficient in guiding change processes, in which I can empower people and guard against risks and pitfalls. In this, I see myself as an important link between the client and the person guiding the process.'

'Dare to undertake; that's what I want to pass on to the younger generation, but also keep a critical eye on the quality of your work. How do you ensure you work pragmatically from your strong content knowledge? 'Simple is hard, easy is wrong.' Easy solutions should be thought through and be more obvious. There is often an underlying layer of the problem that this easy solution needs to be solved. The complexity and strength are precisely in making the solution simple.'

Martijn Wissels

  • Forty years of (International) experience at the top of the financial sector
  • Specialised in risk management
  • Management Sciences, MBA (The University of Manchester)

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