'Changing a complex programme, that makes my heart beat faster.'

'Change management has recently been evaluated in a different light. Previously, you saw organisations looking for ways to undergo change in the best possible way out of desperate need. Now, you see more and more organisations who are constantly pursuing change to grow into something new and better. It is mainly the younger generation of professionals who are striving for that. Thus, if you want to enthuse new employees to come and work for you, you will have to set up your organisation in such a way that there is room for change. That requires new processes, different roles and dynamic project structures.'

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Marco Pineda has joined Boer & Croon as an Associate Partner. He is a programme manager with international experience in the design and structured management of change programmes. 'The more complex, the faster my heart beats. So if there are a lot of dynamic issues that need to be solved and if this needs to happen very quickly, they can call me.'

After a few years working as a consultant at a Big Four firm, Marco has now been working as an independent interim manager for over 20 years. He has extensive experience in programme management, driving change initiatives, realising business integrations, restructuring and digitalisation. Marco has worked for multinationals in very diverse industries.

Post merger integration

One of his assignments was a post merger integration at a major minerals trader. He managed a global digitalisation project across 16 countries. 'There, I managed a team of around 200 people that designed and implemented a finance IT solution. It was quite a challenge, because on the one hand it had to be ready very quickly, and on the other hand it took place on different continents with local regulations and cultural differences. After this, I managed another off shoring to a shared service centre there.'

Harmony of processes

"Another interesting project was the restructuring of a large terminal operator after the acquisition of a number of country organisations. For that new organisation, I supervised the harmonisation of all kinds of (mainly financial) processes, I managed a change process and I implemented an ERP solution. To this was later added a port management tool and a quality system. Here I started as transformation manager and was later appointed CIO.

Proven leadership, young talent

'One of the last assignments was for the OPCW, an organisation that tries to stop the use of chemical weapons. I worked with a Spanish team on an ERP implementation. Here, it helped that Spanish is my second mother tongue. After this, I was asked by Boer & Croon to help them with a legal transformation of a client, to prepare it for further expansion. That collaboration was so positive that we started talking about working more closely together. That mix of proven leadership and young talent gives a lot of energy. It is very inspiring to work with those eager people.'


'Becoming an Associate Partner was an interesting and logical step. Boer & Croon works with exactly the same management issues as I used to do; dynamic and complex change projects. Instead of tackling these kinds of assignments on my own again, I can now do so with Boer & Croon's team of professionals. This makes my proposition to clients stronger and broader. I can offer the right expertise much better and faster when it is needed. I can also be deployed on other types of projects within the collaboration with Boer & Croon. Perhaps not in the lead, but for example in the design phase of a transformation or as supervisor of a programme manager. Boer & Croon has a reputation for being demanding and able to work under high pressure. That is exactly the environment in which I feel comfortable.´

After working hours, Marco likes to do sports (running and hiking). He can also often be found in his vegetable garden, which he thinks is the best exercise in relaxation there is.