Marc Kosman joined Boer & Croon as Associate Partner

'My role as CFO is to address financial issues and lead the organisation in times of change and uncertainty. It is about what I know and how I motivate and connect people. My approach starts with listening, connecting and empowering people.'

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Marc Kosman has joined Boer & Croon as an associate partner. The experienced economist always operates at the interface of finance, ICT and facility management and is always driven to improve the organisation. He is currently working as CFO at Amsterdam-based Waternet.

After studying Economics, Marc got his first managerial position at the Waterschap Brabantse Delta. After moving to a municipality, his career took him to healthcare in 2010.

Mobility and results

Marc: 'If you ask me why I get out of bed every day, it is not to earn much money because you can do that anywhere. No, I want to do beautiful work with beautiful people. I am convinced that cooperation leads to the greatest success, and with my knowledge and experience, I am good at mobilising and enthusing people. My strength lies in striving for and achieving greater heights together. In doing so, my sense of humour and ability to put things into perspective often come in handy, especially when I worked in healthcare. Because if there is one sector in our society that has it tough, it is healthcare. Everything is in short supply: money and staff. Only patients are plentiful. In such an environment, you need people who see the glass half full. Negative energy will get you nowhere.'

'About five years ago, I asked myself whether I wanted to continue my career in permanent employment or whether interim assignments were more for me. The choice fell on the latter. At the same time, the healthcare sector was changing, with less demand for C-level professionals and more need for project managers and business controllers. As a result, my field of work shifted to the (semi-)public sector outside of healthcare. After this, I fulfilled several interim assignments, including at a municipality and a modular construction company.'

Improvement with a view to the future

'When Boer & Croon approached me for the position of CFO at Waternet, I grabbed the opportunity with both hands. It's not just an assignment; it's a chance to contribute something substantial to a beautiful and socially relevant organisation. Waternet is a company of which Amsterdam residents are proud and is on the eve of a transformation.'

'My role at Waternet is not only financial but also relational. Emotions and uncertainty play a role; my job is to address those emotions before we can start looking for rational solutions. Engaging employees, listening to their needs and creating a positive working environment is important. This assignment is not a routine job for me; it is an opportunity to contribute to positive change in an organisation that plays a vital societal role. With my experience, passion for people, and drive to improve organisations, I am determined to prepare Waternet even better for the future. My motto remains: doing great work with great people, and with this attitude, I look forward to the challenges ahead.'

Want to meet Marc or find out more about Public Solution? If so, please contact Michiel Overgaag.