Marc Huijboom new Associate Partner Healthcare Solution at Boer & Croon

Marc Huijboom has joined Boer & Croon as an Associate Partner. Marc is a very experienced manager in the full width of curative healthcare and has a clear diagnostic profile within this. This considerably strengthens the Healthcare Solution.

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Business principles
'As a manager, I always apply business principles, something that is not always obvious in healthcare. Time and again I test: what was the business case, why are we doing this, how are we going to make this possible, does it really meet the needs of the market and can I keep it profitable?'

Experiences in the medical sector

Marc studied medical business administration at the Erasmus University. After this, he worked for the medical service of the Royal Netherlands Navy. In this interesting and versatile organisation, he was able to gain a lot of experience in various assignments and projects. In eight years, he learned the principles of extreme ownership in the medical support of 'the fleet and the Marine Corps'. After this, he got a combi staff position at the military hospital and at the UMC Utrecht. Here he got to know the ins and outs of small and very large hospitals from the inside.

After this, Marc took on a managerial position in the radiology and nuclear medicine departments of the OLVG. 'That was a very inspiring phase in which the hospital made the turn from a traditional hospital to a commercially run healthcare company.

At Haaglanden Medical Centre, as diagnostics division manager, he was responsible for the three medical laboratories, radiology, nuclear medicine and the hospital pharmacy.

The Maartens Clinic in Nijmegen, a leading hospital in the field of posture and movement, asked him to set up an annex to a hospital in Woerden. Here, he was able to combine his project experience and line responsibility. As quartermaster and the first manager, he built this focus clinic from scratch, ensuring growth prospects and guaranteeing the formula and quality of care. You will be seen within four days and operated on within two weeks. That is guaranteed. That was very inspiring for the other departments in that hospital. The specialists asked themselves: why can't we do that?'

Marc then went to work for Haaglanden Medisch Centrum as division manager of diagnostics. Here he was responsible for the three medical laboratories, radiology, nuclear medicine and the hospital pharmacy. With three colleagues he managed the entire hospital at a tactical level. 'There I worked on looking at diagnostics differently. I look back on it with pride, because during that period I quickly discovered that hospitals were having a lot of trouble keeping the quality of laboratory diagnostics in order. I then asked why you had to have your own expensive laboratory. This resulted in LAB West becoming independent and being established.'

The shift to interim management

After this, Marc started to focus on interim management, mainly specialising in advising and setting up independent clinics, and on exorcising crises. 'When I arrive somewhere, there is usually either something completely new to be done, or there is a need to intervene. In addition to diagnostics, this has led him into acute and intensive care, birth care and the transition of care. First, the conviction grows that things must be done differently, and then I come into the picture to make it happen.'

The expertises of Boer & Croon

'Developments in healthcare are currently happening so fast that established healthcare organisations such as hospitals and laboratories are not always able to follow suit. They need empowerment, interim managers with a skillset that is not readily available in their own organisation. In many areas, hospitals could work and cooperate much more efficiently. The secure connectivity of healthcare information could also be organised much better. Boer & Croon has the right people in house to ensure that this information can be accessed and used.'

'An important value of Boer & Croon is the very short access to the right knowledge and the ability to quickly scale up when needed. Boer & Croon has a very good reputation in the healthcare sector. In the past twelve years, I have found that when there are real problems, people call Boer & Croon. I think it's fantastic that I'm part of that now.'

In addition to his work, Marc is engrossed in archaeology. 'I am very interested in the past, because it helps to better understand the present. In my hometown at the border of Voorburg, where the Romans walked around 1800 years ago, I can sometimes be found with my fingers in the ground.'