Jort Binnerts begins as a Partner

Jort Binnerts joint Boer & Croon as a Partner. In this role, he will help organisations with transition, transformation and restructuring matters.

Jort Binnerts

After studying Business Administration at the University of Groningen (RUG), Jort began his career at Boer & Croon as a Young Executive in 2008. In the three years, that followed, he completed the Young Executive Programme and supported clients from various sectors with their change and transition issues.

After that, he worked for a number of years as a self-employed interim manager, with a focus on supervising divestments and mergers between companies. Four years ago, he was approached by the management of Boer & Croon to take on the role of integration manager of four youth care and education institutions, which led to the establishment of iHUB. As the cooperation with Boer & Croon became increasingly closer, it was a logical step for him to become an Associate Partner in 2019 and consequently now a Partner.
Jort on his time at iHUB: "This is a great example of what we at Boer & Croon aim to do and what we are good at: helping an organisation to take a major step forward. That comprises all kinds of small steps and basically comes down to making the journey from A to B with a multidisciplinary team."
Jort about Boer & Croon: "Compared to other consultancy firms, at Boer & Croon, you are much more involved in the execution of projects. You can actually put your advice into practice and thereby be responsible for delivering results. So, instead of producing a pile of slides, you set up a new structure or improve the financial position. Tangible results. That's why I don't think the term 'consultant' is particularly appropriate. After all, you don't just give advice, you primarily deliver results."