Jørgen van Overbeek joins Boer & Croon

Jørgen is an interim manager specializing in organizational development, transition and change within both healthcare and (food) industry. He has extensive experience in change management, strategic HRM issues, reorganizations after a merger or acquisition, employee development and coaching of management and board.

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'With my background as a neuropsychologist, I start an interim assignment by investigating the background of the issue I was brought in for. What you do is diagnose the organization. I discuss this diagnosis with the client, and if it is recognized I draw up a treatment plan, so to speak.'

After studying neuropsychology, Jørgen worked, among other things, in a rehabilitation center, where he looked for that which people with a CVA condition could still do, despite their limitations. After this, he made a big switch in his career and worked at Philips on organizational issues and restructuring, while taking a course in business administration. From then on, his further career has been dominated by organization and change. He approaches this from the people's side, but with a business eye. After working in the corporate world for ten years, Jørgen started working for himself in the year 2000 and has been doing interim assignments in healthcare since 2009.

Experiences & Complex Issues

'Because of the experience I had accumulated, I was approached for increasingly complex issues. These types of organizational questions are particularly prevalent in healthcare. Here you have to deal with a multitude of stakeholders and major changes. In addition, the combination of neuropsychology and business administration proved to be a golden combination, especially in this sector.'

Among other things, Jørgen worked as director of the HagaZiekenhuis (HagaAcademie), tasked with reorganizing it and embedding it in the rest of the organization. Later he was asked to realize several large hospital-wide projects for the Board of Directors. In this line of work, he also completed assignments for other hospitals and elderly care organizations. More recently as head of the Health and Safety Service of the Amsterdam UMC, with the assignment to merge the health and safety services of VU and AMC.


After work hours, Jørgen is a passionate saxophonist (alto, tenor, and baritone saxophone). Every Thursday evening he plays with his sextet (jazz, blues, and pop).

"When you hit a wrong note, it´s the next note that makes it good or bad (Miles Davis) "

Education: Neuropsychology (Tilburg University), Business Administration (Avans University of Applied Sciences)