Jeroen van Roon new Partner Healthcare

Jeroen van Roon has joined Boer & Croon as a Partner Healthcare. After having worked for ten years as a hospital management executive, he is committed in this role to continuing his work for the healthcare sector in the Netherlands.

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With Jeroen, the team at Boer & Croon is being expanded with an experienced hospital management executive. He became chair of the board of the Dutch Red Cross Hospital in 2012. After that, he was on the board of the OLVG hospital and at present, Jeroen is interim chair of the board of the Reinier Haga Group (RHG). He plans to gradually wind this down over the coming months and hand over his duties at RHG.

From 2001 up until 2012 he worked under the auspices of Boer & Croon for a large number of organisations in the healthcare sector. Ever since, Jeroen has felt very connected to healthcare: "I am incredibly proud to be able to work in this sector. I have seen from inside and outside how complex the transition is that we all need to undergo in order for the Dutch healthcare system to remain among the best in the world. Right now, there is a great deal of criticism of the approach to corona, but I also see that there is a will to solve this problem together. The challenges are great, but so are the opportunities."

Jeroen considers Boer & Croon to be the ideal base to pursue this further. "The people at Boer & Croon are doers, each and every one of them, focused on getting things done in a way that is both professional and people-oriented. Boer & Croon is distinctive in the way it brings together the most capable teams: through the combination of its spearheads: search, interim management and complex programme management.

The digital transition in healthcare is especially promising, but will also require major adaptations both within and between organisations. New connections and new organisational models are required. There has been plenty of talk about this for a long time. Jeroen: "Boer & Croon wants to help by providing the right people and resources at the right time."