Change Management is about the human side of change

Change is inevitable in any organisation's growth and development, although managing change can be complex and overwhelming. Through a structured framework, our approach enables organisations to navigate change and build support among employees effectively.

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The People & Change solution helps guide organisational structure changes, objectives, processes, or technologies. This includes implementing strategies to bring about the changes, managing them, and helping people adapt to the new situation.

Project Management vs. Change Management

To successfully implement a change project, project management and change management must go hand in hand. Project management focuses on the technical side of the shift: design, milestone plans, business cases, workflows and progress reports. The human side requires change management. This guides the movement from the current future situation at the individual and team levels so that the new solution is embraced, adopted and used effectively. A structured change management approach - combined with good project management - increases the chances of a successful implementation and ensures a better return on investment by:

  • Faster change adoption (on time & within budget)
  • Better retention of change (the desired result is achieved)
  • A more motivated workforce (inspired and productive employees)


In Change Management, we use Prosci, one of the world's most widely used change management methodologies, based on more than 25 years of research.

The Prosci methodology consists of three main components:
1. PCT Model: a simple but powerful framework for identifying and assessing the critical aspects of any successful change project;
2. ADKAR Model: a highly effective model that describes the five building blocks or "elements" an individual must achieve to bring about change.
3. Prosci 3-phase process: a structured, flexible framework for a structured approach to organisational change, supported by an advanced toolkit.

Hands-on change support from our People & Change solution directs the change process, accelerates implementation and increases the likelihood of successful change. We fulfil a steering and facilitating role in the change process by

  • Supporting executives and project leader(s) in managing the change process;
  • Developing and implementing change strategies and change plans;
  • Coordinating training sessions during the transition to the desired new situation;
  • Setting up a (change) communication plan;
  • Monitoring change readiness in the organisation and making interventions where necessary;
  • Managing resistance proactively and reactively;
  • Support sponsors, ambassadors and management in their role in the change process;
  • Evaluate projects from a change perspective and proactively share learnings within the organisation.


Contact Haico Spijkerboer (Partner Operations), Dennis van Hattem (Partner Operations) or Tycho ten Brink (Senior Manager People & Change) for a no-obligation meeting to discuss the possibilities.