Investing in personal development binds employees to the organisation for longer

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A good manager does in fact invest in people and offers them career opportunities. By giving employees the opportunity to develop themselves further, they gain a better understanding of where their talents and strengths lie. If they then notice that they are appreciated for their talent, they will be less inclined to leave the organisation.
For the first time, we are dealing with extreme shortages in the labour market. This is new for the business world and it is complex, especially at the level of professionals. Since the industrial revolution, companies have focused on making organisational processes more efficient; the workforce factor was never in short supply.


The labour shortage calls for a change in the way of thinking for managers. In the past, it was not difficult for them to find new personnel, but things are different now. Jobs are there for the taking.
It is important that employers acknowledge this. They have to look for solutions to remain interesting for (potential) employees. Investing in personal development offers that opportunity.
The Visma | YouServe survey revealed that a quarter of managers are unwilling to invest in personnel. The good news is that three-quarters of them are now aware of this need. We are, therefore, on the right track in the Netherlands. Nevertheless, there will still be some business owners who think it is a waste of money. They will eventually have to weigh up recruitment costs against development costs and discern that the latter are significantly lower.