How does behavior measurably contribute to your operating results?

The impact of behavior on business results is often elusive. Behavioral issues are often interpreted as the opposite of actual management. The opposite is true. Performance Behaviour has proven, by supporting companies with behavioral analysis during High Impact Moments and feedback from facilitators, among other things, that it delivers both business results and increased job satisfaction.
Read how it works below:

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Many leaders like to provide factual and data-driven leadership. This is especially true in operational, financial and technical departments. In doing so, behavioral issues are often interpreted as the opposite of fact-driven leadership. The opposite is true.

While corporate culture is often seen as vague, soft and elusive, many leaders also realize that it is important and that it affects results. What they usually don't know is how and to what extent. As a result, improvement initiatives are not always successful and the desired results are not achieved.

'In recent years, a clear correlation has been demonstrated between behavioral improvement and an organization's key core KPIs.'


In recent years, a clear correlation has been demonstrated between behavioral improvement and an organization's key core KPIs. This involves translating the organization's values into concrete measurable behaviors that impact business results.

With the use of facilitators, specially trained people who observe and give feedback, behavior can be transformed into growth. During High Impact Moments, for example a day start or MT meetings, facilitators analyze the behavior. The insights gained are used to reduce "waste behaviors" (e.g., "tardiness") and encourage "performance behaviors" (e.g., "asking open-ended questions"), resulting in better business results. This is in line with the Lean methodology where you look at eliminating waste from machines, with this you can also effectively encourage employees to reduce waste behavior (and especially increase performance behavior) in an effective human way.

Sample result through PERFORMANCE BEHAVIOUR

Capacity output goes up, OEE (overall equipment effectiveness) increases and employee satisfaction grows. Consider order large (approximately) 10-13 percentage point growth (e.g. OEE from 57% to 70%). In addition, often the "untouchable" energy is significantly increased and it is possible to actively measure which business values are integrated and which are not yet integrated.

'What ultimately helped them was Performance Behaviour.'


As an executive, you want your results to increase at an accelerated, effective and sustainable rate. With the right approach, you activate the behavior of your employees so that it leads to business results. Do you want to know what Performance Behaviour can do for your company? Then request an informal conversation.


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