The new pension contract still needs some explanation

It is precisely the uncertainty after the elections that makes prompt and good information important.


With the new pension contract, more will change in the pension sector than in the past 40 years. This certainly also applies to the pension members themselves, as they will be allowed to, among other things, make their risk preferences clear and - in the case of the Flexible Premium Scheme - indicate their investment preferences. And as if this transition were not complex enough, a new cabinet will likely want to adjust the existing pension law. PVV, for instance, advocates reversing recent pension reforms, and NSC would like to see a referendum.

Dare to keep an open mind.
It is up to pension providers to communicate this complex matter to all Dutch citizens in an understandable and accessible way. With the (possible) changes on the horizon, it becomes crucial to communicate clearly and transparently. Participants' diverse backgrounds, knowledge levels and communication preferences must be considered. Digital Service Consultant Miriam Martinus of Studio Winegum advocates an open mind: "Dare to move away from your old, familiar communication plan. Go for an interaction plan because the participant will come up with questions and reactions anyway. In the Netherlands, we are too used to thinking in 'sending', with the customer service department as a backstop."

Please keep it simple.
The participant, say the citizen, is often unaware of their pension. Communication and dialogue should be tailored to that: don't try to explain everything, but make sure the core message comes across. That is often complicated enough. Keep the information short and understandable while avoiding new social media channels to reach younger members. They are more concerned with the future than you think, so let them think about their situation, too. "We see that organisations can make big changes," says Martinus, "provided they think beyond sending. How? Setting up one multidisciplinary team in constant contact with each other has one goal. The team mixes communication, digital, product, IT and service specialists. Include the participant in the journey, which provides opportunities to adjust a campaign at an earlier stage."

Stay agile

Pension reforms are more than just a change in legislation. They are shifts that profoundly affect the structure of the pension system, and the industry is entering an uncertain time. Kees-Jan van Vliet, partner at Boer & Croon, says: "It is wise to keep focusing on agility and steerability to cope well with any changes in laws and regulations. People have a right to know what happens to all those pension contributions they have paid for years. To remain relevant and competitive as a pension administrator in the future, you have to be prepared for drastic changes. Even in-house."