The management board of Boer & Croon expands with Annemein Kolk

The management of Boer & Croon has been strengthened as of 1 June with the arrival of Annemein Kolk as COO a.i. Annemein is an experienced executive with a career of over 26 years in the financial sector and combines this COO role with the position of partner Finance & Technology.

Annemein Kolk Boer Croon

Boer & Croon has grown enormously in recent years. As COO, Annemein will shape the organisation's further development and optimise internal processes to facilitate future growth. She will also strengthen the Executive Interim-Management team as a partner in Finance & Technology.

'I see a lot reflected in this role that I am energised by: the commercial aspect and customer contact, as well as organisational development and transformation issues. I look forward to contributing to this.'

Annemein on her start at Boer & Croon


After completing her Business Economics studies, Annemein joined ABN AMRO as a trainee in 1996. During her first years, she worked in corporate finance / M&A for clients in the Netherlands and abroad, and later, she worked for ABN AMRO itself. After ten years in this field, she moved to Transaction Banking, becoming responsible for all day-to-day banking for corporate clients in Central & Eastern Europe and the Middle East. In this role, she moved to the Royal Bank of Scotland following its acquisition, where her focus was on optimising and integrating its international network.

'We know Annemein as a very experienced director with an eye and ear for the organisation's employees. Boer & Croon is a unique company with a culture we are proud of. Her connecting leadership style, which she uses to motivate, encourage, and support employees, fits well.'

Jaap Heeringa, CEO Boer & Croon.

Organisational development

Her career took off at ING in 2013. After starting at an international business bank, she became responsible for ING's business segment in the Netherlands in 2015. In this role, she was jointly responsible for transitioning business services to a digital proposition, developing new operating models for the various segments and rolling out a sustainability proposition including multiple tools and financing options for entrepreneurs.

In charge of ING's corporate arm, she managed 1,000 employees with around 700,000 corporate customers, ranging from small SMEs to large family-owned companies and organisations in the healthcare and public sectors.

Most recently, she served on the board of the Dutch Banking Association, where she was responsible for policy.