Ben van der Hee new Partner Public Solutions

Ben van der Hee has joined Boer & Croon as a partner. Ben will work with fellow Partner Mark Hecker to strengthen Boer & Croon's public services.

Ben 2

Ben: 'You can put the most amazing insights on paper and publish reports, but if nothing happens afterwards then the citizen has nothing to gain. My drive is always: what are we going to do and what will it deliver? And in doing so, listen to the client and think from the client's interest and perspective.'

The quote above says it all: Ben is committed to providing public services with a human dimension. After working for insurers for a long time, he switched to the UWV in 2017, where he developed the integrated service delivery process, among other things. Ben has a hands on mentality and is able to turn complex situations into purposeful plans. He is a connector, quickly sees through interests and is good at creating order out of chaos. In addition, he finds it important to have a laugh now and then.

'I would like to work for the public sector, because I find it beautiful and impactful work. I think that public organizations need people who set things in motion and just start at the first step instead of doing lengthy research until you have the perfect analysis. What appeals to me at Boer & Croon is that the emphasis is on execution. Doers with the power to think. At such a club I feel at home.'

Ben is the proud father of three children. He likes to follow the world news, loves books on history and anthropology, and visits museums on the weekends.