Bart Vergeer new Senior Manager Boer & Croon

Bart Vergeer has started as Senior Manager at Boer & Croon. He will be responsible for supporting clients in the area of strategic controlling and ERP/software issues. In addition, he will make an internal contribution to the expansion of the Finance & Technology solution.

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Finance and technology
Bart: 'I really like the link between finance and technology. The influence of technology is changing the traditional and rigid profession of controlling/finance into an issue of when which data are applicable in order to make the right management decisions. Especially the controlling world is changing and I want to be part of that.'

Previous experiences
After his studies (International Business Administration at the VU and HEAO Management Economics and Law), Bart started working at the financial department of KPMG, where he was part of the controlling team. He then combined this with the Executive Master in Business Administration at the UvA, with a major in Strategy. This year, he hopes to complete the Executive Master in Finance & Control to obtain the RC title.

After two years as part of the controlling team, Bart moved to the IT Advisory branch of KPMG, where he worked for more than five years as an ERP specialist, mainly in the field of SAP FICO. Within ERP - but also loose applications and custom software - Bart supported numerous complex projects. He had a preference for the different and more challenging work (also outside FICO). 'I can easily switch between disciplines and cultures and have a wide range of interests. My business administration background helped me to think and analyse in processes. During that period, I played the fire brigade more often than I sat on a project for a long time. There are always problems in ERP projects, due to complexity, lack of integration with the operation, heavy documentation requirements or because there are special demands. It is precisely these challenges that attract me, precisely because strategic thinking and support are so important in these situations.'

Switch to interim

After more than 7 years at KPMG, Bart switched to BAS Consultancy, choosing after a year to become an independent interim service provider, which he did for two years for Defence. 'KPMG was a great learning experience. What I experienced and developed there, both internally and with clients throughout Europe and even North Africa, was fantastic. The dynamics of a managerial position were just not for me at that time. I wanted to develop in terms of content and be less involved in politics and sales.'

However, being self-employed also has its drawbacks. 'I missed the intellectual drive that was so enjoyable, especially in the first years at IT Advisory. Boer & Croon does have this, we are growing fast and there is a completely different culture, which is partly nourished by the strong and unrestricted development drive of our large group of Young Executives.'

The strength of Bart
'I always act on programmes that touch on technology, controlling or strategy. I think the great strength I bring to the table is my ability to structure complex situations into a broadly supported, constructive solution. I do this by involving local operational experts in the process and thus creating support for the development in the operation. An example of this is when I went into the Navy's workshops wearing steel-toed work boots to look at the local logistical situation. After all, there is a difference between reality and IT set-up. This enabled us to identify areas for improvement not only in the logistics set-up, but also in the operational administration, and to offer optimisation for IT and operational integration. This way of thinking may be due to my background in (top) sport - I am also a hockey trainer/coach - and I have learned to look for potential and how to realise this in people. This is why I always try to support people in their development and mutual cooperation, in order to achieve the maximum development for an organisation.'

Besides his work, Bart has a young dog and can often be found outside, either on the hockey pitch or in nature.